Upcycle projects

If you want to reduce the amount of rubbish you generate, upcycling/recycling, is a great way to use things you already have or can save from going into rubbish/landfill, and create something new and useful. Here are some things you may like to try.

feed bags


Using old stock feed bags, you can sew handles on the top, and sew the bottom with a box shape ready to carry your groceries or anything else.  Free video below of how I made these ones.



If you have some old cotton fabric lying around the house, or you are going to throw out some old clothes, you can upcycle them into food wraps to reduce the amount of plastic wrap you use on your food. Beeswax has anti-bacterial properties, so they are a great alternative to plastic cling wrap.  When they are worn out, you can cut them up and use them as mulch in your garden.



This is a practical, sturdy, and long lasting seat you can make using old tyres, old vinyl/fabric, and any type of stuffing you may have lying around such as neoprene, foam, pillows etc.  Below is a video of how we made ours, but you can get really creative, and make them to suit your own purpose.

Upcycle old sheets or clothes onto a dog bed frame


4 thoughts on “Upcycle projects

  1. Hey, really impressed by the way you made bags out of plastic sacks. But, what about the left over plastics that were cutt off initially? How can we include that too in the process? To make it more sustainable? Hoping to hear it from you soon.

    Thank you


    1. Thanks Aimen, no idea, but open to suggestions. maybe make a face mask? i guess if you reuse 90% is better than none. maybe you could stitch it into the bottom of the bag?


  2. how would you clean the beeswax covers if food got on to them? is it just wiping with a clean cloth and/or cool soapy solution?


    1. Hi Deb, yes, you can do that, works fine. They are really only meant to be used on clean food rather than messy food. Ideal to replace glad wrap to cover bowls, or you can use on food like pumpkin that won’t get too messy before you use it again.


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