Smart Ass Game review

Smart Ass is one of our family’s favourite board games.  It is a trivia game, which takes around 20-30 minutes so it’s nice and quick. Most of the questions have a series of clues until the answer becomes  obvious.  Children can enjoy playing it with adults because of the structure of the questions.  The first couple of clues often seem to be another answer, so the smart asses usually shout out first, and when they are wrong, they can no longer answer that question.  So by the time the answer becomes obvious, the quiet achievers (usually the younger children) get the answer, and they have a chance of winning the game.  The only time you can’t call out the answer is when you are on the “dumb ass” square, then you are mute for that turn.  If you land on “kick ass”  you have to go back 3 spaces which really sucks, but it’s great if someone else lands on it and you can overtake and win.  If you land on “Hard ass”, you get to answer a question from the hard ass pack and no one else is allowed to answer.  There are hundreds of questions, and we even bought a booster tin with a whole other lot of questions, so it has lasted years and years. We loved Smart Ass so much we bought Dumb Ass, same idea but slightly different, and again, another stack of questions so it didn’t get too repetitive.  So for my review, I rate both these games at 5 stars.

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