Here are some links to items you may need:

Halter Rope

Rope from Whittam ropes                                            Rope from Amazon


my rope              rope amazon


Yacht Rope from eBay                                        Yacht rope from amazon

rope ebay


1 inch buckle                     Snap clips                    “D” rings                            “O” rings

buckle  clips    d rings     o rings


micro cord 1mm                      Paracord             Lacing fid            Micro cord 2mm

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.08.40 AM.png    Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.01.41 AM.png Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.03.38 AM.pngmicro cord

Stacked leather bowie knife       Buck bowie knife           Elk ridge bowie knife

bowie               Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.11.47 AM.png   Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 9.13.03 AM.png

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