Horse Agility

IMG_0545.JPGHorse agility, obstacle work, ground work.  All of these things are fantastic confidence builders for horses and donkeys alike, provided they are done in a calm, progressive, patient manner.  There are so many options available to build obstacles from everyday items such as tyres, pallets, cones, pool noodles, flags, and bunting, through to more purpose built obstacles such as bridges, hoops and see-saws.

If you want to build your relationship with your horse, obstacles are a great way to strengthen that bond.  Obstacle work can begin on-lead, and progress to off-lead, and build up speed and complexity.  There are even horse agility clubs with competitions for those who are passionate about groundwork.

Ground work is also a great option for those who can’t ride, or for horses who cannot be ridden.

Below is a video made by Peacedonkeys showing a variety of activities/obstacles in horse agility.