Handmade Shop

Below are some of my handmade items.  If you live in Australia, you can purchase a  Donkey, Unicorn, or Bracelet.   It takes me around 2 hours to make the donkeys and unicorns. I like to find lovely bright fabrics, especially in small towns I visit, they often have things you just don’t see in the big shops.  Sometimes I cannot find a popular fabric again, so you are assured those donkeys will be 1 offs (actually I usually make 2 from each fabric I buy).  I hope you enjoy your purchase.  Thank you for supporting me.







IMG_1427IMG_1438IMG_4002random donkeysIMG_1422IMG_4374IMG_4038IMG_4005




2 thoughts on “Handmade Shop

    1. g’day smoothridinglady, thanks for the comment. I have had a couple of requests to send overseas, and whilst i’m happy to consider individual requests, at the moment with the corona virus situation all flights out of the country are very much delayed anyway. But maybe message me in a few months and I’ll see what’s happening. I sent a donkey to USA a few years ago and the postage was almost as much as the price of the donkey! On the up side, USD/AUD is pretty strong at the moment so you have more buying power against us. Hope you are staying safe over there, all the best.


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