Welcome to Peace Donkeys.  Here you will find lots of paracord projects as well as other information related to donkeys and horses. Peace Donkeys began as a little market stall with my hand made donkeys. Since donkeys represent peace, I wanted them to be a symbol to us all to find our own inner peace, and share that with others we meet on our journey in life.  Peace Donkeys has grown to include a variety of other handmade items, as well as how-to videos on a range of interesting topics. Of course all things donkey will continue to be a feature of Peace Donkeys along with random stuff that pops into my head.  I hope you enjoy this site and check back regularly.  Please enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Hi Dorothy, there are links to the rings and clasps on the ‘links’ page and the ‘make a dog collar’ page, not sure if they are showing up at your end? Let me know if not so i can see what is wrong with the website?https://peacedonkeys.com/dog-collars/ you can also often find them on your local eBay for whatever country you are from. Hope that helps! All the best with your projects.


  1. Good Afternoon!
    I am Marie i come from France
    I do bead looming and different home made stuff
    I found your video where you explain to braid reins. Thank you for your explications
    But what is the rope you use ? Diameter and material ?
    In france we have only paracord… 😏
    Many thanks for your help ! 🤗


    1. Hi Marie, hello to you in France! I would love to go there one day and see all the donkeys! about the reins. I use 550 paracord, if you look at the links page or underneath the video there are links as to the items you might need. All the best with your projects!


  2. With the rope from Amazon would they ship to Townsville,Queensland, Australia?
    (The halter rope)
    As I have never ever used amazon!


    1. Hi Madison, I’m not sure if Amazon ship to Australia, but if they did it would be quite expensive with the US/AUD conversion and international postage. I think it would be much cheaper to buy in Australia. Cams cords in Brisbane have both rope and paracord, I buy a lot of stuff from him, he’s great to deal with and it is good quality rope. try this link:http://www.camscords.com.au/horse-rope-6mm/purple-horse-halter-rope-6mm. There are also some other Australian links on my page “make a rope halter’. All the best!


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