Welcome to Peace Donkeys.  Here you will find lots of paracord projects as well as other information related to donkeys and horses. Peace Donkeys began as a little market stall with my hand made donkeys. Since donkeys represent peace, I wanted them to be a symbol to us all to find our own inner peace, and share that with others we meet on our journey in life.  Peace Donkeys has grown to include a variety of other handmade items, as well as how-to videos on a range of interesting topics. Of course all things donkey will continue to be a feature of Peace Donkeys along with random stuff that pops into my head.  I hope you enjoy this site and check back regularly.  Please enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Hi Dorothy, there are links to the rings and clasps on the ‘links’ page and the ‘make a dog collar’ page, not sure if they are showing up at your end? Let me know if not so i can see what is wrong with the website?https://peacedonkeys.com/dog-collars/ you can also often find them on your local eBay for whatever country you are from. Hope that helps! All the best with your projects.


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